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New Parallel Runway Brisane: Phase 2 Airfield Works

Author: Chloe Wheeler

Published date: 2020/01

Skyway 3

Client:                     Skyway

Project:                  Onboarding Personnel for New Parallel Runway: Phase 2 Airfield Works

Contract:                Jan 2018 – Current 


In early 2018, AWX secured a contract to recruit staff for the Brisbane Airport Corporation’s project; the New Parallel Runway: Phase 2 Airfield Works.

The procedures throughout the venture have included construction of airfield infrastructure, navigational aids, landscaping and the implementation of many control and security systems. The project will also deliver a 3.3km main runway and a 12km taxiway system. This venture will increase air traffic in and out of Brisbane, with a vision of flights upsurging by half-a-million by the year 2045. This kind of air traffic will have a strong and beneficial impact to the community, in terms of social and economic reach.

The project was a joint venture, with Skyway taking on half of the overall development. AWX recruiters entered this venture with Skyway contractors confidently. Our recruitment staff had superior industry knowledge and a practical understanding of a project of this nature. With that comprehension, AWX were able to secure 75 labourers, pipelayers, plant operators, and surveyors. These workers were inducted accordingly through internal screening processes and recruitment procedures, as well as inducted through Skyway. Led by a dedicated Account Manager, the AWX recruitment team were able to ensure the onsite staff were prepared, trained, and managed effectively throughout the entirety of the endeavour.


  • Dedicated local AWX Account Manager
  • Recruitment Team selected based on experience and knowledge of Skyway and its processes, and the professional services necessary
  • AWX database, referral system and advertising are utilised within 12 hours of request
  • During Seasonal High-Volume recruitment, daily meetings with recruitment team were conducted to delegate screening responsibilities
  • Local Applicants were interviewed, screened and reference checked within the first 5 business days
  • Weekly Meetings with Skyway branches to advise on updates of the applicants
  • Actions by recruitment team
  • Phone screen to shortlist applicants for bookings of extensive phone or local branch interviews and reference checking.
  • All local successful applicants were inducted via the Skyway and AWX Induction programs

Since the date of engagement, AWX was responsible for:

  • Constant and dedicated local account manager
  • Rostering and Scheduling of shifts
  • Payroll Management
  • Performance Management
  • Financial Reporting to Skyway for each division
  • Safety Compliance, Reporting & Auditing
  • Candidate Care


The project endeavours to be completed by the end of March 2020 and AWX will continue to organise and manage staff up to its completion.