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Women in Industry

AWX proudly supports women in industry and is the leader in supplying quality female labour hire and permanent staff. Our mission is to help companies and employers break down cultural and operational barriers and inspire women to start a career in a non-traditional role. We aim to raise the profile of Women in Industry, as well as promote, inspire and encourage companies to take up the challenge of placing Women in Non-Traditional Blue Collar Roles. Across all industries AWX strives to have equal and fair workplaces and have women working in positions such as Drivers, Operators, landscaping, Manufacturing, General Labourers and Management.

AWX Pty Ltd is the largest listed and managed Workforce Management company in Australia and actively supports women in non-traditional employment through its Women in Work initiative. The program is designed to provide both employers and job seekers with more information on creating an effective workforce and finding greater career opportunities respectively.

One of the best ways to diversify a workforce is by improving the balance of both male and female employees - though this is not always so easy to do, particularly in non-traditional roles. AWX can make the process easier for you, finding the right women for the job every time.


There is no shortage of research on the benefits of a diverse workforce. A company employing a mixture of people to work on any
given project brings with it a great blend of skills and experience and a greater diversity of input means a better quality output. Reports from clients have shown those with a greater number of women in the workforce have lower operating costs, increased innovation, improved service to clients and improved employee retention.


When it comes to diversifying a workforce, AWX is leading the way employing 66% of women across its internal staff and close to 40% of our casual workforce across the company are female. At AWX, women have always held key management roles which has
allowed us to offer dedicated programs to our clients to recruit and place women into nontraditional roles such as machinery operators, labourers, mining and industrial roles and many more.


We are developing strategies to attract more women to consider our advertised positions and apply for these opportunities.

It is important that women are not only recruited, but also retained, in non-traditional roles. We are working with our partners to develop strategies that offer ongoing support for employees and their families, including on-site and off-site support.

We are developing strategies for inclusive and rigorous interview and selection processes to help secure women into our client partner’s workforces.

We will be developing strategies to ensure women get both the formal and on-the-job development required for a strong career and future in non-traditional roles. Skills and career advancement opportunities must exist for all employees.

AWX is the employer of choice for women in non-traditional roles and is the partner company assisting employers and companies break down
cultural and operational barriers. To enquire about placing women in your workforce or career opportunities, contact us today.