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The Reliable Solution For Agriculture & Aquaculture Labour Hire

One of the biggest challenges the agriculture and aquaculture industries face is seasonal demand. It can be difficult to maintain a highly qualified team when you don’t have work for them throughout the year. We’re the reliable labour hire solution for agriculture and aquaculture. Whether it’s a few farm workers or an entire team of pickers and packers — we can support you. We reduce training efforts and costs, administration, and HR requirements. 

Taking The Risk Out Of Construction & Civil Construction Labour Hire

As specialists in construction labour hire, we’re fortunate to have strong connections in the construction and civil construction industries. We’re known as a leader in the construction labour hire industry. It comes down to our extensive knowledge, our connections, and our strong understanding of your needs, your limitations, and your challenges. We take the guesswork out of hiring — providing the very best personnel for your team. 

Flexible Solutions For SkilledEngineering & Industrial Labour Hire

Often when you’re looking to hire an engineer or industrial labour team, it’s for a specific component of a job or for a one-off job. It can be really difficult to hire a team specifically for a maintenance event or STO. We understand the limitations of the industry. We’ll provide flexible labour solutions for engineering or industrial teams. Whether it’s for a large infrastructure project, a one-off job, or a maintenance event — we’ll support you with the right team. 

Qualified Personnel Ready For FMCG & Food Processing Labour Hire

In the FMCG and food processing industries, your recruits usually need some standard qualifications before they even enter your factory. We connect with FMCG and food process workers who are qualified in OH&S, food safety, hazardous chemicals — you name it. This way, we can always provide you with a qualified and safe choice. Whether it’s a one off placement or a complete workforce, we can help. 

Simpler Landscaping, Horticulture & Contract Planting Labour Hire

Due to the nature of landscaping jobs and the industry, hiring can sometimes be confusing or difficult. Whether you need a landscaper for the backend of a contracting job, a horticulturist for a commercial project, tree lopping services prior to a build, or a landscaper for your housing estate — we have strong connections within the landscaping industry. Get in touch to hire an expert for your project. 

Manufacturing & Distribution Labour Hire Tailored To You

In the manufacturing and distribution industries, your labour requirements fluctuate with your production levels. We can tailor your manufacturing workforce to your warehouse or factory’s needs. Whether it’s a fleet of truck drivers, a team of pickers and packers, or a full manufacturing workforce — we have the personnel to support your company. 

Taking The Challenge Out Of Mining Labour Hire

Finding the right personnel for your mine is becoming increasingly challenging. Mining skills are in short supply and finding contractors and temporary workers is difficult due to the demand. We’re committed to providing better workforces and better labour solutions to the mining industry. From full mining workforces to short contracts and temporary mine workers — we’re here to support you and your workforce. 

The Right Candidates For Sales, Administration & Support Labour Hire

The biggest problem companies face with sales recruitment and administration recruitment is finding the right candidate. We have a range of sales, administration, and support services staff who are knowledgeable and experienced across a range of industries — we never put someone forward “for office work”. From sharp payroll officers and executive assistants to charismatic salespersons, we’re ready to help you with your next hire. 

Safety Orientated, Skilled Labour Hire For Trades & Services 

Sometimes, trades labour hire can seem risky. Will they be as safety-orientated as us? What’s their skill level? Our skilled labour hire team only hires the very best tradespersons. We ensure they’re qualified, they’re experienced, and they have the relevant safety qualifications. Whether it’s an electrician for a one-off wiring job or a team of tradies for a big contracting project, we’ll support you.  

Internal Roles at AWX: The Partners In People

At AWX, we’re always growing and expanding. We regularly have open roles for recruiters, training personnel, administration staff, and other support roles. Think you might be a good fit? Keep an eye out on our website for open applications, or enquire with us today.